Our beers!  Now on tap.

TOMMY CINCO'S APRICOT WHEAT - an easy drinking beer with a substantial amount of wheat. The apricot is a perfect complement to fall! ABV - 5.0%  IBUs - 18

WIDE RIVER WITBIER brewed with seville orange peel, coriander and chamomile flowers. Fermented with Belgian yeast. Light and drinkable.        ABV - 5.1%  IBUs - 13

DUFFY'S IRISH RED - a classic in the Irish tradition. Rich, full-bodied and malty. ABV - 5.5%  IBUs - 21

RESTIVE EXTRA SPECIAL BITTER - a classic British beer brewed to style. A bitter is a bit of a misnomer. This beer is a balance of malt and hops and is known for its' drinkability. ABV - 5.5%  IBUs - 36

NORTHERN ENGLISH BROWN - more specifically a northern English style, this beer is known for its' balance. Biscuity and nutty.          ABV - 5.5%  IBUs - 22

FAT QUAKER OATMEAL STOUT - smooth, dark, delicious. Coffee and chocolate notes. Enjoy. ABV - 6.0%  IBUs - 28

GRAND CRU a Contrary original.  American Pilsner malt and Belgian candi sugar combine with fruits and spices and a continental yeast to make a smooth drinking Belgian style beer. ABV - 7.5%  IBUs - 1

SEMPER FI AMERICAN AMBER - the roastiness from the malt is balanced nicely with generous hop additions. A Contrary classic!          ABV - 6.2%  IBUs - 52

MARY MARY AMERICAN PALE ALE - brewed with American 2-row malt and hopped with Magnum, Cascade, Amarillo and Simcoe.        ABV - 5.1%  IBUs - 41

OBSTINATE IMPERIAL RED - big, rich, sticky and hoppy. This American Imperial Red comes in at over 10% ABV and over 92 IBUs!

CONTRARY IPA 4.0 - a firm malt bill is contrasted with an aggressive hop profile that makes for a quaffable pint.  This IPA is brewed with Magnum, Amarillo, Mosaic and Simcoe hops.  ABV - 6.2%  IBUs - 62  

PERFECT STORM (CENTENNIAL) DOUBLE IPA - our 100th batch brewed here at Contrary! Brewed with flaked oats and white wheat. Hopped generously with Summit, Centennial, Chinook and Simcoe.  Served in a 10 oz glass.  ABV - 10.0%  IBUs - 100


BARREL-AGED RUSSIAN IMPERIAL STOUT - . brewed to style. This Russian Imperial Stout was aged in 15 gallon Mississippi River Distilling Co. rye whiskey barrels for 6 months. The smaller barrels contributed to more surface contact (therefore, more flavor) for the beer. Layers of flavor with whiskey and vanilla being most prominent.   

HONEY PORTER - our porter is brewed with honey malt and locally sourced honey from Mairet's market here in Muscatine. Smooth.



FOOL'S GOLDEN - a paradox, this golden ale is big and bold with a sturdy malt backbone and fistfuls of hops. Brewed with Summit, Cascade, Amarillo and Citra hops. This is not your typical golden ale.

BAVARIAN HEFEWEIZEN - the perfect springtime beer. Brewed with loads of wheat and fermented with a Bavarian yeast,